Noble and holy souls visit this earth for salvation of people burning with desires. Gurbani recites -

Jagat Jalandaa rakh lai apni kirpa dhar.
Jit duaarei oubre tithee laih ubaar. (853)

When almighty blesses noble souls as per their past good deeds then according to the guru -

 Poorab Karam ankur jab pargatae bhatio purakh rasik bairagi.

 Mitio andheru milet hari Nanak janam janam ki soi jagi. (204)

Noble and pious souls are sent by god for salvation of the human beings living in kaliyug. Satguru rightly says - 

Janam maran duhhon menh nahi jan par upkari aae. 

Jia daan deh bhagati lain har sio lain milaae (749)

Such holy souls blessed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji include Baba Mahan Harnam Singh Ji of Bhucho, Baba Nand Singh Ji Nanaksar Kaleran, Baba Ishar Singh Ji of Nanaksar Thath Kaleran, and Baba Jaswant Singh Ji Nanaksar Thath Barnala. They guided numerous people in trouble, to the right way of gurmat. And thus making them happy in this world, as well as the world after death.

It is very difficult to shed light on the biographies of noble souls like these. From the great ocean of life-sketches, this humble servant of Guru has laid hands on the Gems these are happily presented for the welfare and joy of the mankind. The holy Gurbani so says - 

Sabar andar sabri tan ave jalean. 

Hon najik khudai de bhet na kise doen. (1384)


Karte ki mit karta janea kea janea gur sura. (930) 

For the upliftment of humanity, such noble souls abiding by his orders blessed the seekers of ultimate reality with the light of Guru’s way. Highly joyed with their blessings Guru’s disciples were unable to describe the state of ecstasy. As Gurbani says. 

Goonge mahan amritras chakhia poochhe kehan naa jai ho. (657) 

At the historic places of such noble souls there is continuous recitation of Gurbani. Good deeds started by them are touching new peaks day by day. Recitation of the Gurbani is continuously going on at the places related to these noble and holy souls. With this (as in the Gurbani). 

Pargat bhai sagle jug antar gur Nanak ki vadiai. (611) 

Following the sayings - 

Babanian kahanian putt sputt karean. (941)
And with the inspiration of these noble souls, I, the humble one, have tried my best to describe the biographies of these pious souls. From this humble efforts of which whatever human beings grasp I would feel satisfied with it. The unique biographies of these noble souls are beyond description. I studied the books published about these holy souls, I served Baba Jaswant Singh Ji for 26 years and acquired so much knowledge. I had also acquired fair amount of information during discourses and other conversations with noble souls of Nanaksar Kaleran. I feel immense joy on presenting the biographies of these noble saints of the Thath for the benefit of the followers. I am hopeful that seekers of ultimate reality will obtain the best of the teachings of Gurmat from these biographies of the holy souls. I fully acknowledge the contribution of all nears and dear ones from the core of my heart and thank a lot for the same. It is but natural that some omissions might creep in while writing the biographies of these holy saints. For that it is my humble request (according to Gurbani) -
Je bhulli je chuki sai bhi tahinji kadhia. 

Jinnah neh doojanne lagga jhoor marho se vadhia. 

Houn na chhodaon kant pasara. 

Sada rangila lal piara aeho mehinja asra. (761) 

I feel pleasure in the order of the almighty -

 Pav july pandh tou naini daras dikhal. 

Sarvani suni kahanian je gur thevie kirpal. (761)

Parthai sakhi mahapurukh bolde sajhi sagal jahanae. (647) 


Sad balihari tina je sunte har katha. 

Poore te pardhan nivavah parabh matha. (709) 

Begging pardon from Satguru. Wahegura Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

The humble servant of 
Guru and his panth,

Baba Ajit Singh 

Nanaksar Thath Barnala-148101 

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July 20, 2002 
Savan 5, Bik. 2060 
Nanak Shahi : 535

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Phone : 01679-232724
Mobile : 98767-26313
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